Know One's Rights and Duties.
You have a duty to mitigate your damages and comply with doctor's orders, for example. We advise how to comply with hospital or doctor orders for follow-up treatment, and get a medical release from work. Call our Pittsburgh lawyers today.

Maximizing Your Recovery.
The value of your slip and fall injury can depend on the wording of expert medical opinions in your medical records. We work with health care providers to get the language you need. When you settle your cae, you may also have a duty to pay back your heath insurer from amounts paid for health care; however, your lawyer can negotiate down the amount you pay your insurer to put more money in your pocket. Our pittsburgh attorneys for slip and fall and defective premises cases help throughout Western Pennsylvania. Each lawyer with us will help you in Western Pennsylvania: Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Beaver County, Butler, Washington, Lawrence, and Green Counties. Set appointment for FREE consultation with attorney. Call any time, day or night. We come to your home or hospital room.A lawyer can come to you in Fayette (Uniontown), Johnstown, Cambria County, Lawrence, Greene County, Weirton, Wheeling, Morgantown, Monongahela, Monroeville, South Hills, North Hills, Ross, Monaca, South Side (Pittsburgh), Shadyside (Pittsburgh), North Side (Pittsburgh) Avalon, and Bellevue. A property owner must warn or post signs about dangerous conditions of the walk or parking lot. Low visibility and poor lighting causes serious fall injuries in Pennsylvania. Excessive water or ice must be removed when discovered on walkway, sidewalks, and driveways.Each lawyer with our firm is willing to go forward with litigation against property owners and occupiers who are responsible for the premises, fail to post a warning or sign, who cause a defective condition of the property, such as excessive snow, ice, water, oil, grease, uneven ground, a broken step. Our Pittsburgh lawyers for fall injuries will be agressive in convincing the property owner or his insurance carrier that the fall happened as you say. Contact an attorney with us for assistance with your medical bills from your fall-related accident. Our attorneys handle slip and fall cases in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Beaver County, Butler County, Westmoreland County, Washington County, Somerset, Uniontown, or other location throughout Western Pennsylvania or West Virginia. Count on a lawyer to maximize the money recovery on your fall regardless of whether you were partially at fault for falling on the property. Click here for Directions to Office. Call a Pittsburgh attorney for advice. Our attorneys in Pittsburgh are here waiting to assist. A qualified lawyer in Pittsburgh can fight hard for compensation. Go ahead and challenge our lawyers in Pittsburgh. You will not regret retaining our lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA for your trip and fall. We handle brain injury cases, also called traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in Western PA.
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Fall Related Injuries.

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consultation for any fall-type injury in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler and Washington Counties. We work hard to get the maximum recovery.

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we come to your home or hospital room, or at our office (free parking) if you are able. There's no fee unless we recover. We work to build a compelling narrative to convince the property owner or insurer to see it your way.

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We go to the scene of the accident to observe the premises and location of the fall. We consider it all: a defective step, sidewalk, driveway. Perhaps an otherwise safe condition had been made dangerous via poor lighting, snow, ice, water, absence of warnings, or a spill of liquid.

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Your personal injury case could be worth more (or less) than you know. It pays to let an experienced attorney evaluate all the evidence and negotiate with the property owner or occupier, or his insurance carrier.

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